Create quotes on site with the customer in realtime. Quotes can be previewed and sent directly the customer as an attached PDF and a link to the approval page customized specifically for them. Customers are able to accept or reject quotes with date, initials and signature capture. More often than not, the faster you get the quote to your customer, the faster they decide.

TCP offers a product catalog to facilitate the management of products/items needed to fulfill a quote. The product catalog allows for the seamless creation of quotes with click and add feature. Just click the product required and it's added into the quote.

Probably the most important role of TimeCapture PRO is the Job Management section.

From here the following aspects can be managed:

  • Tasks
  • Change Orders
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Receipts
  • Clockins
  • Work Authorizations 

All aspects of the system link within itself for full "relational" management. Jobs are interlaced throughout the whole system allowing administrators full control over each individual job.

TCP can track payments across all facets of the system. Of course, invoice payment tracking, but also on a per customer and job level. Payments are designated as either "in" or "out" for both internal invoice payment tracking as well. Through these metrics TCP can produce a "Profit Report" drilling into each Job, the projected profits and actual.

Invoices are generated based on job/quote/customer status and are emailed directly from the system to the customer. The Email contains a PDF attachment and a link allowing the customer to hit a "for your eyes only" page to track invoice status with number of payments made and outstanding balance. TCP's built in templating system allows for fully customized templates on a per invoice basis. Customer's can also approve invoice with signature capabilities.