Got Inventory laying around? Track it. Full inventory management capabilties and the location in which they're stored (on job site or other).

The employee database allows for the tracking of individual time spent per job/task. Employee hourly or salary benefits can be added for further payroll reporting.

The entire TCP system always relates back to a customer record. Repeat customers allow for further reporting into the history of that customer. Full reporting and history tracking is maintained across each customer with associated Contacts/Jobs/Time/Work Orders/etc.

For those customers with "teams" of workers daily reports are available to track the number of hours associated with each task/change order. The tracking done here allows for further reporting by the administrators to understand the amount of time it takes to complete a paticular task by hours/unit of measurment. Example 2 hrs/Linear foot of 'Edge Frame Wrecking'.

A full contact database is integrated into the solution. Customers/Jobs/Work Orders/etc all have affiliated contacts which are tracked through out the system.